Public Engagement


Student Ambassador Programme:

If you are a student at the University of Huddersfield and interested in becoming an ambassador for the ROTOЯ programme, please contact Dr Catriona McAra:

Grateful thanks to former ambassadors:

Kashika Ashley Cooper, Isabel Cottam,Richard Edmunds, Beth Falkingham, Becky Gee,  Naveed Hafeez, Ahmed Lambat, Jade Lockett, Hermione Middleton, Megan Pacey, Jessica Patrick, Natalia Semeniuk, Jaime Slater, Steve Sumner,  Charlotte Walsh, Hollie Ward, Imogine Ward, Joshua Williams, Petros Zintilis.

To those who helped build Jill Townsley’s sculpture Till Rolls:

Lauren Abbott, Chermagne Barnachea, Elisha Bayram, Iain Booth, Isabella Carreras,  Chloe Charlesworth, Nathan Clark, Bektas Coban, Charlotte Cullen, Claire Diggle, Madeleine Farris, Jade Frost, Alexandra Gale, Hannah Glazebrook, Hannah Gomersal, Rachel Green, Charly Grimwood-Taylor, Filipa Harrington, Parichat Hengsuwan, Elin Humphreys, Byron Jones, Pavel Kulagin, Oscar Manterfield, Faustas Munikas, Abbey Price, Hannah Price, Ruth Quinn, Owen Rufus, Nicole Segar, Natalia Semeniuk, Hazel Simpson, Anthony Sutton, Carla Taylor, Hollie Ward, Philippa Williams.

To Ertu Unver’s masters students who gave a presentation about the possibilities of 3D Digital Design to accompany Jill Townsley’s talk:

Ben Livingstone, Fiona Dollan and Paul Fox.

And to Carolene Lees for helping with Gil Pasternak: Future Backgrounds.

Please see the advertisements below for an idea of previous ROTOЯ ambassadorial roles:

Volunteers NeededBecoming a rotor student ambassador for Mining Couture


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