Save the Date for Mobilising Healthcare!

Mobilising Healthcare e-flyerSave the Date for Mobilising Healthcare at Huddersfield Art Gallery. This exhibition will feature Dr David Swann’s award-winning 21st Century Nurse’s Bag. The launch party for this exhibition will take place on Thursday 25 July at 6pm with a talk from the designer Dr David Swann. All welcome! The exhibition opens to the public Saturday 20 July and closes Saturday 28 September 2013.


Announcing Gil Pasternak: Future Backgrounds

ImageFuture Backgrounds bannerAnnouncing the next ROTOЯ exhibition Gil Pasternak: Future Backgrounds opening this Saturday 27 April. Please join us for the launch and photographer’s talk 6pm, Thursday 2 May 2013 in Huddersfield Art Gallery.

Future Backgrounds brings together the contemporary geographies of Israel/Palestine with photographic styles that emerged as a result of British and French Imperial rule in the nineteenth-century. This exhibition considers what interests photographers about these distant places, and how their images have shaped and reshaped variousideas about the Middle East. Focusing on the use of backdrops and landscapes, the work pays close attention to how photographic backgrounds inform the fantasy of the exotic.

Gil Pasternak Future Backgrounds image courtesy of Jamie Collier.jpgSince the mid-nineteenth century, professional studio photographers have often used backdrops to create realistic yet imaginary settings for their sitters. Figures have been positioned in front of the backgrounds, surrounded by props and drapery, making the scene more believable and meaningful. At the turn of the twentieth century amateur photographers also began travelling with easy-to-use cameras, capturing images of friends and family against scenes to bring back home as souvenirs. Whether captured in the studio or outdoors, the photographic background has quietly shaped people’s views of foreign lands.

Gil Pasternak Future Backgrounds image courtesy of Jamie Collier2.jpgAmong other objects, Pasternak’s installation features backdrops depicting examples of flora imported to Israel to recreate the country’s landscape for political reasons. Point-and-shoot disposable cameras and digital line drawings are used to explore how the simplification of photographic processes further blurred the boundaries between actuality, representation and the imagination.

Captain H. W. Brook from Kirklees Image Archive

Captain H. W. Brook from Kirklees Image Archive

Pasternak also enters into dialogue with black-and-white archival images of non-European botanical specimens, zoology and pictures of Victorian subjects in exotic dress. Displayed as a slideshow, these images were captured more than a hundred years ago by Captain H. W. Brook, an Imperialist soldier, amateur photographer, and one of Pasternak’s current objects of research.

ROTOЯ II: Memorandum of Understanding Signed


Professor Tim Thornton and Dr David Smith

Thursday 31 January 2013 marked the launch of the second year of the ROTOЯ Transdisciplinary dialogue and debate programme, a two-year collaborative partnership programme between the University of Huddersfield and Huddersfield Art Gallery featuring the transdisciplinary work of art and design staff from the University of Huddersfield. Now in its second year, ROTOЯ showcases a community of artists, designers and curators whose ideas and connective practices migrate and span artistic production, techno-design research, craft and cultural studies. ROTOЯ is located at the pivot between art and design disciplines and society, where points of intersection and engagement are considered and debated from multiple perspectives. The programme signals a unique partnership between Huddersfield Art Gallery and the University of Huddersfield to present a broad spectrum of practices and dialogues. To mark this occasion, a Memorandum of Understanding was officially signed by representatives from both institutions – Professor Tim Thornton (Pro-Vice Chancellor for Teaching and Learning) (background) and Dr David Smith (Director of Resources at Kirklees Council) (foreground).

Jill Townsley: Sisyphus

Jill Townsley, Sisyphus e-flyerThe title of Jill Townsley’s exhibition is a reference to Albert Camus’ The Myth of Sisyphus (1942) where he concludes that happiness can be found in the simple repeated action of labour. The work in this exhibition demonstrates a similar dedication towards repeated actions of labour. Materials such as till rolls and plastic spoons are appropriated for any characteristics that can indicate Installation shot of 'Jill Townsley Sisyphus' by Jamie Collier repetitive ways of working. The final art works are accumulations, often vast in scale, such as a sculpture made from 10,000 till rolls, or a large pyramid made from 9273 plastic spoons.

 The exhibition has already been highlighted in the Huddersfield Examiner, and the sculpture Till Rolls (2011) has just been nominated for the prestigious Laguna Art Prize, Venice.

Sisyphus Banner in situ

Jill Townsley’s Sisyphus at Huddersfield Art Gallery is well worth a gander if you’re over this way.

— Alice Bradshaw (@alicebradshaw) February 9, 2013

Save the Date for Patrick Procktor

Announcing the forthcoming exhibition, Patrick Procktor: Art and Life,curated by Ian Massey (Subject Leader in Communication Arts and Design at the University of Huddersfield) which will open to the public on Saturday 25 August 2012. Please join us for the curator’s talk at 6pm on Thursday 6 September in Huddersfield Art Gallery.

Patrick Procktor banner in situThis exhibition will be accompanied by two further events:

  • Film Screening : 6pm, Thursday 27 September
  • Reading Group: 1.30pm, Monday 29 October

This exhibition, the first museum show of Patrick Procktor’s work since his death in 2003, considers the career of this somewhat neglected artist. Procktor was part of a bohemian circle in 1960s and 1970s London that included this great friends artist David Hockney and fashion designer Ossie Clark. The show focuses on paintings and works on paper from all stages of
Patrick Procktor installationProcktor’s career, and examines pictorial, stylistic and technical developments within a broader artistic and social context. The show accompanies Ian Massey’s publication Patrick Procktor: Art and Life (Unicorn Press, 2010). A book celebrating the work of Procktor’s teacher, Keith Vaughan, is forthcoming.

At the Patrick Procktor exhibition at Huddersfield Art Gallery. So good. — Johnny Marr (@Johnny_Marr) September 6, 2012



Patrick Procktor Art and Life installation

Helped open Patrick Procktor show at  Huddersfield Art Gallery this pm. Excellent partnership w Huddersfield Uni

— Cluny Macpherson (@ClunyM) September 6, 2012

ROTOЯ: Mining Couture

Barber Swindells Banner in situAnnouncing the opening of the third exhibition in the ROTOЯ programme:

Mining Couture 

Barber Swindells

at Huddersfield Art Gallery

16 June – 11 August 2012

Mining Couture explores a relationship between coal mining and fashion; the concept emerged from an art commission at Snibston Discovery Museum in North West Leicestershire. Snibston is Barber Swindells artists' talkbased at an ex-colliery which also houses one of the largest fashion collections outside of London. Mining Couture resulted in a series of mini-projects and interventions that are founded on site-conditional and artist-in-residence contexts; weaving human narratives, places and activities into the content and production of the work. The exhibition features the design of work-wear within Barber Swindells artists' talkthe everyday and considers how work-wear designs manifest themselves within broader community settings. Working across art and craft disciplines Barber Swindells have no restrictions on media, where the relationship between site, community, production and interpretation is often conflated into one composite form. Clothes, fashion designs, artist’s drawings, paintings, inflatable Barber Swindells artists' talksculptures, video and photography explore this latency as a simultaneous interface between artist and audience.

Mining Couture will be accompanied by a series of events:


  • Artist’s Talk: 6pm Thursday 21 June
  • Reading Group: 1.30pm Saturday 23 June
  • Film Screening: 6pm Thursday 28 June

More details to follow.