Announcing Gil Pasternak: Future Backgrounds

ImageFuture Backgrounds bannerAnnouncing the next ROTOЯ exhibition Gil Pasternak: Future Backgrounds opening this Saturday 27 April. Please join us for the launch and photographer’s talk 6pm, Thursday 2 May 2013 in Huddersfield Art Gallery.

Future Backgrounds brings together the contemporary geographies of Israel/Palestine with photographic styles that emerged as a result of British and French Imperial rule in the nineteenth-century. This exhibition considers what interests photographers about these distant places, and how their images have shaped and reshaped variousideas about the Middle East. Focusing on the use of backdrops and landscapes, the work pays close attention to how photographic backgrounds inform the fantasy of the exotic.

Gil Pasternak Future Backgrounds image courtesy of Jamie Collier.jpgSince the mid-nineteenth century, professional studio photographers have often used backdrops to create realistic yet imaginary settings for their sitters. Figures have been positioned in front of the backgrounds, surrounded by props and drapery, making the scene more believable and meaningful. At the turn of the twentieth century amateur photographers also began travelling with easy-to-use cameras, capturing images of friends and family against scenes to bring back home as souvenirs. Whether captured in the studio or outdoors, the photographic background has quietly shaped people’s views of foreign lands.

Gil Pasternak Future Backgrounds image courtesy of Jamie Collier2.jpgAmong other objects, Pasternak’s installation features backdrops depicting examples of flora imported to Israel to recreate the country’s landscape for political reasons. Point-and-shoot disposable cameras and digital line drawings are used to explore how the simplification of photographic processes further blurred the boundaries between actuality, representation and the imagination.

Captain H. W. Brook from Kirklees Image Archive

Captain H. W. Brook from Kirklees Image Archive

Pasternak also enters into dialogue with black-and-white archival images of non-European botanical specimens, zoology and pictures of Victorian subjects in exotic dress. Displayed as a slideshow, these images were captured more than a hundred years ago by Captain H. W. Brook, an Imperialist soldier, amateur photographer, and one of Pasternak’s current objects of research.


Dance in Response to Sisyphus


Announcing the final few days of Jill Townsley: Sisyphus at Huddersfield Art Gallery. The exhibition is on until this Saturday 13 April at 4pm. A final chance to see the epic sculpture Till Rolls which recently won the Jury’s Press Award at the Laguna Art prize, Venice. On Monday 15 April from 2pm-4pm a special improvised dance performance by Turveyworld Dance and Friends will take place in response to Till Rolls. Admission free, all welcome.