Dig Yorkshire Reviews Jill Townsley

Nice review of Jill Townsley: Sisyphus by Isobel Joki for Dig Yorkshire (Saturday 16 March 2013). Here I am reviewing Sisyphus by Jill Townsley, a lovely exhibition at Huddersfield Art Gallery: http://t.co/MpCGMIxNI9

— Isobel Jokl (@CultureLEEDS) March 17, 2013


Talks on Thursday 21 March

Designed by Brian Livingstone

Designed by Ben Livingstone

Please join us in Huddersfield Art Gallery at 1pm on Thursday 21 March for a talk by Jill Townsley on her exhibition Sisyphus followed by a presentation from 3D Digital Design students, Paul Fox, Ben Livingstone and Fiona Dollan, on the principles of 3D softwares such as Mud Box and 3D Studio Max and their potential for the fine and creative arts.

Ben Livingstone, Fiona Dollan and Paul Fox

Ben Livingstone, Fiona Dollan and Paul Fox

Dr Jill Townsley

Dr Jill Townsley’s Talk