McKenzie on Procktor

Nice web log entry about the upcoming Patrick Procktor: Art and Life exhibition at Huddersfield Art Gallery by the painter Dougal McKenzie who notes some of Procktor’s followers.


Save the Date for Patrick Procktor

Announcing the forthcoming exhibition, Patrick Procktor: Art and Life,curated by Ian Massey (Subject Leader in Communication Arts and Design at the University of Huddersfield) which will open to the public on Saturday 25 August 2012. Please join us for the curator’s talk at 6pm on Thursday 6 September in Huddersfield Art Gallery.

Patrick Procktor banner in situThis exhibition will be accompanied by two further events:

  • Film Screening : 6pm, Thursday 27 September
  • Reading Group: 1.30pm, Monday 29 October

This exhibition, the first museum show of Patrick Procktor’s work since his death in 2003, considers the career of this somewhat neglected artist. Procktor was part of a bohemian circle in 1960s and 1970s London that included this great friends artist David Hockney and fashion designer Ossie Clark. The show focuses on paintings and works on paper from all stages of
Patrick Procktor installationProcktor’s career, and examines pictorial, stylistic and technical developments within a broader artistic and social context. The show accompanies Ian Massey’s publication Patrick Procktor: Art and Life (Unicorn Press, 2010). A book celebrating the work of Procktor’s teacher, Keith Vaughan, is forthcoming.

At the Patrick Procktor exhibition at Huddersfield Art Gallery. So good. — Johnny Marr (@Johnny_Marr) September 6, 2012



Patrick Procktor Art and Life installation

Helped open Patrick Procktor show at  Huddersfield Art Gallery this pm. Excellent partnership w Huddersfield Uni

— Cluny Macpherson (@ClunyM) September 6, 2012

Barber Swindells Review

Another nice review from one of our brilliant and very committed Student Ambassadors, Beth Falkingham, examining the current exhibition, Mining Couture by Barber Swindells. Last chance to see this exhibition at Huddersfield Art Gallery! Closes Saturday 11 August.

“The Director of Research and Director of Graduate Education at the University of Huddersfield, Dr Steve Swindells and Claire Barber, a Lecturer in Textile Crafts at the same university, have created this exhibition in which they have explored the notion of the seam as a conceptual link between coal mining and fashion.” – Beth Falkingham

“The lasting impression for me was the idea that the daily lives of the miners underground and their families above ground could be artistically linked by the underground fan that maintained airflow, hence the lives of the miners, being represented using the dress pattern worn by the equivalent of a miners ‘beauty queen’ an original idea and concept that really worked, especially as the fan inflated and deflated emulating the lung filling air it delivered to the miners….” – Steven Sumner

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