ROTOЯ Film Screening

Please join us for the first ROTOЯ film screening at 6pm this Thursday 23 February 2012 in Huddersfield Art Gallery.

Excerpt from Peter Greenaway’s ‘The Falls’ (1980).

To accompany her exhibition ‘Flight,’ Lisa Stansbie has chosen to host a special film screening of the ‘The Falls’ directed by Peter Greenaway. Lisa will introduce the film and discuss its significance to her practice.


The world has been struck by a mysterious incident called the “Violent Unknown Event” or VUE, which has killed many people and left a great many survivors suffering from a common set of symptoms: mysterious ailments (some appearing to be mutations of evolving into a bird-like form), dreaming of water (categorised by form, such as Category 1, Flight, or Category 3, Waves) and becoming obsessed with birds and flight. Many of the survivors have been gifted with new languages. They have also stopped aging, making them immortal (barring disease or injury).

A directory of these survivors has been compiled, and ‘The Falls’ is presented as a film version of an excerpt from that directory, corresponding to the 92 entries for persons whose surnames begin with the letters FALL-. Not all of the 92 entries correspond to a person – some correspond to deleted entries, cross references and other oddities of the administrative process that has produced the directory. One biography concerns two people – the twin brothers Ipson and Pulat Fallari, who are played (in still photographs) by the Brothers Quay.

Admission free but places are limited.
Please see the attached flyer and RSVP to Catriona McAra if you are interested in booking a seat:


Lisa Stansbie’s Preview


Lisa Stanbies's Preview

Pictured above at the opening of ROTOЯ are (l-r) Emma Hunt, Dean of School of Art, Design and Architecture, Richard Butterfield, Museums and Galleries Manager for Kirklees Council, Lisa Stansbie, the School’s new Head of Department of Art and Communication, and Adrian Lythgo, the Chief Executive of Kirklees Council pictured at the opening of ROTOЯ.

Below, Lisa Stansbie gives her artist’s talk at Huddersfield Art Gallery. For more details of this event see here.

Review by Val Javin in the Huddersfield Examiner (17 February 2012).