trace. dance workshops


trace. dance workshops

Artist Gerry Turvey with University of Huddersfield students and dancers from Hoot, will be joining artist Sophia Emmanouil in responding to the trace. exhibition through dance on Wednesday  26th March,  2-3.30 pm at Huddersfield Art Gallery. Please come along if you would like to join in or watch the interactive performance.

trace.[instructions for mapping space], a new exhibition by Juliet MacDonald, Rob Lycett and Sophia Emmanouil

  • Opens 8th February 2014

trace.[instructions for mapping space] is an exhibition of maps and non-maps (drawings, films, photographs, texts) by artists Rob Lycett and Juliet MacDonald, and by participatory arts facilitator Sophia Emmanouil working in collaboration with members of the health and arts organisations Hoot and Out of the Blue (OOB). All participants and contributors investigate modes of mapping based on personal experience and memory, and take part in activities such as walks as means of enacting a sense of belonging and re-location. The show will include a collaborative animation piece, ‘Horizons’, made from 100 drawings by Lycett, MacDonald and Emmanouil. 

Rob Lycett collects data whilst walking through spaces (GPS tracks, drawings, photographs, writings), and uses this material to produce maps, animations and drawings. Two new artworks have been developed for the ‘trace.’ Exhibition: ‘Spiral Walks’ is a series of maps of symbolic walks that become playful interventions into the environment of the upper Calder Valley in West Yorkshire. ‘Stones’ are sculptural sketchbooks that record journeys as a collection of graphic object tracings (glyphs).

Juliet MacDonald’s location drawings follow the movement of people through urban environments. The film ‘Re-Animation’ is made from sequences of drawings conducted in four locations of transit and commerce in Leeds. For ‘trace.’ she has made two new composite drawings in Huddersfield town centre.

Sophia Emmanouil has run a series of creative workshops with the local health and arts organisations Hoot and OOB. Implementing principles from the practices above, these workshops explored issues of space, emotion, identity, belonging and creativity, enabling participants to leave a mark of individuality and map their journey through life. A set of instructions for walks initiated new pathways through the built environment. Objects collected/scavenged on these walks, and work produced in workshops are included in the exhibition. This structured and lengthy collaboration will continue during and after the exhibition.


The Imagining of Things An Installation by Brass Art and Alistair MacDonald


The Imagining of Things An Installation by Brass Art and Alistair MacDonald

Please join us at 6pm-7.30pm on Thursday 17 October in Huddersfield Art Gallery for the launch of the next exhibition for ROTOЯ Transdisciplinary dialogue and debate.

Brass Art is Chara Lewis, Kristin Mojsiewicz and Anneké Pettican a collaborative trio based in Manchester, Glasgow and Huddersfield. Working together since 1999, they have exhibited in Berlin, New York, Washington and at Tatton Park Biennale, Yorkshire Sculpture Park, Bloomberg Space, London and The Whitworth Gallery in Manchester. Brass Art merge an interest in nineteenth century optical devices with early twenty-first century body-scanning technologies such as Microsoft´s Kinect, a motion sensor often used in 3D gaming. This allows them to explore the magical slippages between time and space. The artists perform a series of spectral alter-egos; pixelated, ethereal beings that make brief cameos before dissolving back into the shadows from whence they came.

The Imagining of Things showcases Brass Art´s long-term research project Shadow Worlds | Writers’ Rooms where they explore their preoccupation with shadow play, mirroring and doubles. This rich and haunting body of photographic and video work was produced during nocturnal visits to the Brontë Parsonage Museum in 2011-12, with sound by the Glasgow-based composer Alistair MacDonald.

The Imagining of Things is part of Art in Yorkshire Goes Contemporary and Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival. The exhibition opens at Huddersfield Art Gallery on Saturday 12 October until Saturday 21 December 2013.

Admission free. All welcome! 

Inventing Medicine: Talk by Dr Claire Jones

ROTOЯ Claire Jones eflyerInventing Medicine: Designing and Producing Medical Tools from the Eighteenth Century to Today
Talk by Dr Claire Jones (University of Leeds)
1pm, Friday 13 September
Huddersfield Art Gallery
Admission free, no booking required

Dr Claire Jones is the Director of the Museum of the History of Science, Technology and Medicine at the University of Leeds. This talk accompanies David Swann’s Mobilising Healthcare exhibition and focuses on Claire’s own research and fascinating historical objects within the exhibition.
Claire completed her PhD in the department and in collaboration with the Thackray Museum in 2010, before returning in 2012 to become the new Director of the Museum of the History of Science, Technology and Medicine. She is currently preparing a monograph on the development of the medical industry in Britain titled Selling Medicine to Professionals.


A Behaviour Changing Syringe


One of the exhibits in Mobilising Healthcare:

A recent study conducted by the WHO indicates that each year, unsafe needle injections cause an estimated 1.3 million early deaths and an annual burden of US$535 million in direct medical costs. To address this, Dr. David Swann of Huddersfield University invented a pioneering syringe that provides a 60 second treatment window before turning an irreversible bright red – thereby sending a warning sign to patients of its prior use. A real lifesaver!